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Summer Outlook Contest...Tony Wood's Snow Book First Place Prize

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Okay here we go again, the must fun contest of the year!

Trying to keep the contest going into September (and maybe October) this year, this is our skill test for you.

Outlook the total number of 90 degree day or higher for Philadelphia this season.

The first tie breaker will be the number of tornado warnings Mount Holly Issues from June 1st thru September 30th EDT.

The second tie breaker, when will the figs die in Mount Laurel: the date of the first 32F low of the fall season.  KNJMOUNT28 Wunderground station. If the low temperature is 32.4F or lower, it will count as the first freeze of the season.  With a little help with the last one, this is the table for next door Moorestown Township.  These normals look like they were from 1981-2010.

As always this contest ends with the first 90F day or May 31st, whichever comes first.snow.JPG.4769fedd687abcb6944519248ac6a7a4.JPG

Good Luck!  198122000.JPG.c64b7272b276425f3824de655d539087.JPG

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Please let me know if I have any of this wrong. I did it on the fly this morning.

BTW we are up to 22 days with highs 90F or higher and 29 tornado warnings.  @PRINCETON ANGLER just needs one more TOR and he will come the closest to anyone for that category.

14 tor warnings ytday - should have used my 90f day # for T warnings

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9 hours ago, tombo82685 said:

I believe it's freeze not frost 


14 hours ago, Chubbs said:

37 - 90+

19 - tornado

1st freeze - Oct 24 31


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PHL has hit that illustrious 90F, so anyone who went with 0, looks like you lose. ;) Anyway I will lock the thread for the moment to compile the contest finals and include the ACT # after Wednesday (ACT can't get the prize). Good luck!


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