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OBS Wagons Close (north/west better) Obs thread

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It has been decided for me that I am done snow blowing for today.   I knocked out a bunch of driveways, parked it to shovel off my deck and when I came back she was bedded down under the hemlock tree

4 inches after yesterday snowfall.

Yeti?! Or just @MikeD in Havertown?! Haha. Buddy posted this on his Facebook:  

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Heavy snow in Merion/Wynnewood.  Thought about playing hooky and going for a One Last Snow hike.  Thought about it all the way into my car and out onto the road... and down a hill at about 5mph with my ABS pistoning under my foot and a tiny whimper trying to come to life in my throat.  Fine snowfall.  But I'll enjoy it from home with some tea!

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23 minutes ago, Rainshadow6.6 said:

Coming in toward the early side of expectations helped us on this side of the river.  If it came in around noon or later, you see what you we'd be getting.

We'll take it...it sort of went around the right flank and got here quick. 

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2 minutes ago, susqushawn said:

sleet trying to mix out from the SW...of course I'm looking from the perspective of my back yard in valley forge.  so close.  best snow of the day don't want it to end


Back to SN+ here.  

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