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OBS: February 18th, 19th Wintry Precipitation Event, Paging Chumbawamba, Paging Chumbawamba

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Thunderstorms will never ever ever ever ever ever come close to the scenery of a snow covered landscape with a sun set 

Just got an email from Shutterfly with the “memories from this day last year”. Couldn’t be any more different. Grass was starting to green up, my gardens were all cleaned up and getting ready for mulc

This guy showed up just after I posted  

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53 minutes ago, Heisenberg said:

Hows the soundings for our area look? If that precip makes it here wonder what ptype it'd be

ZR/Ip mix here at my location. 

I don’t get done my shift till 1900 today; and that’s 36 hour straight at work. Not looking forward to going home and scraping ice 😩 (wife did a little bit, but she’s feeling like crap after her 2nd vaccine). 

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2 minutes ago, Mitchnick said:

I've been watching this radar site all morning. The snow streaming NE down west/sw of Richmond (east of Salem, Va) is actually  further west than the stuff that is showing up now over and slightly west of DCA/BWI. Hoping for a surprise. 


Close up in Va. Eww, backbuilding.:smiley-dance017:


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2 minutes ago, Rainshadow6.6 said:

31.5F and sleet in Mount Laurel.  5th day this month that it has sleeted in Mount Laurel.

With the notable exception of December, the theme in Philadelphia this winter has been, "If you see a decent slug of moisture headed your way, it's sleet."

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5 minutes ago, Parsley said:

Increasing snow intensity, lowering visibility but also brightening skies out here. 25.9

Brightening here also and can see the sun occasionally. If the sleet doesn't get you the sun angle will.

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