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Winter Storm Threats V (5 days and beyond)

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1 minute ago, Allsnow said:

Does this have ensemble support? I thought it was supposed to get warm next week 

Looks like some. Seems like a flat wave strong clipper like system. Cold air probably depends on how far SE the Canada ULL gets 


not bad.png

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42 minutes ago, Mitchnick said:

Plenty of time for this threat to get colder and wetter on modeling and then warm in the mid levels and dry out 24 hours before the start.

Probably. 😄

I'm hoping for a little something early Monday, then I'm fine with a break through end of February. Of course, I'd be down for one more good storm in the first half of March.

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3 minutes ago, irishbri74 said:

You gotta at least tell which model it is, and the time frame we’re looking at. Otherwise I’ll just delete it.. 

You don't know? It's the Heisey model run every night and it always looks like that at 7 days.

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47 minutes ago, Heisenberg said:

Trough isnt positive enough. Probably need lead energy to kind of dampen heights. Ends up being a Heisy Road trip to NE this run. Still tracking worthy at this range 

GFS south of us, Euro north and wet for us, I say split the difference 😛

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