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Weatherbell "Kings of Cold" against the "Merchants of Mild"


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On JB's post today he called out "the ambushes lurking"


WB folks been telling their clients a warm up is coming...well at least versus the current well below normal cold - but relative to normal....quite another thing. JB goes on to say "the wild winter of 14/15" we are about to enter (this one will be the 3rd in a row) will be ending and we will have a stretch of so called "a few years of boredom type winters" are coming up. This he says is quite different from what he was preaching back in 2011 when he indicates he had called for this current stretch of cold.


He has warned his clients not to buy into any of the upcoming "warm hype"....because if one relies on models "you will get burned". He continues to say whenever a warm up has appeared over the last couple years it doesn't last as long and then the cold is stronger and longer than models predict.



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