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11/30 Heavy Rain & Thunderstorm Obs


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...Eastern Carolinas to southern New England...
   Widespread showers and embedded thunderstorms are forecast to be
   ongoing at the start of the period over the eastern U.S., with the
   main band of frontal convection stretching from West
   Virginia/western Virginia to the Florida Peninsula early. 
   Limited/local severe potential will be ongoing, with a gradual,
   modest increase in threat expected through late morning/early
   afternoon from eastern North Carolina northward into the Mid
   Atlantic region as at least 500 J/kg mixed-layer CAPE spreads
   northward across the coastal Mid-Atlantic/Chesapeake Bay region.  

   Very strong flow through a deep layer suggests potential for
   damaging winds, where stronger storms can transport momentum
   downward.  Meanwhile, favorably increasing/veering flow with height
   through the lower troposphere will also support potential for
   low-level rotation -- and thus a couple of tornadoes appear possible
   where sustained supercell storms can evolve.  

   By mid evening, convection will have largely moved off the Mid
   Atlantic Coast, while some severe risk lingers over southern New
   England -- possibly into the overnight hours.
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Like a monsoon down here, but not terribly windy yet with gusts up to 30mph so far. However we did have our large snowman that we staked down into our mulch bed out front yesterday already fall over - rain must have loosened up the mulch and rendered the stakes pretty weak :facepalm: at least it's not blowing down the street lol

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