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some pics from the long PD weekend up in the Poconos, we don't go every year but the last several trips back to 2012 were pathetic snowfall wise, was nice to have a very healthy snowpack this year

Beautiful crisp morning in West Caln! #hoarfrost

Taken from the space station today!

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PHL finished DEC with an average temp of 38.7(+1.2) degrees, exactly the same as DEC 2019. The past 5 DEC's are a solidly above average 38.5(+1.0) degrees however that's down significantly from the 5 year 2011-2015 DEC furnace - 43.5(+6.0) degrees.

Philadelphia has not had a month average freezing or below since FEB 2015.

The #'s for the rolling 30yr climate normal are now complete. Based on pure averages the 1991-2020 normal & trends are listed below:




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34 minutes ago, colonel_kurtz said:


Manasquan, NJ





Nice! Looks like you got bulls-eyed pretty much. I had 15" here and let me tell you it was like trying to shovel cement, it took me and someone else about 2 1/2 hours to shovel our driveway. Swore we'd get a snowblower after that storm but of course we've barely had any snow in the 3 years since then lol

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