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First September Since.... To Not Have A >/=70.0F Average Temp Or Any 90s At All?


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66 / 48 split for PHL today

66 degree high represents the coolest on the date since 1987

48 degree low represents the coolest on the date since 1984

Current point & click for PHL calls for low in the 40's the next 3 mornings, the last time PHL recorded more than 4 SEPT days with low's in the 40's was 1990.

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48 degrees for a low at PHL this morning is the coldest on the date since 1962.

Monthly average is now slightly below normal however still above 70 degrees, average highs at PHL drop thru the mid 70's to the low 70's by the end of the month so an extended run of temps around 80 degrees are going to be solidly above average.



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thru yesterday PHL hanging on to a below average month by the slimmest of margins, that will end after today

PHL SEPT average is 69.1 degrees, current forecast would project out to a 69.4 degree finish, not below average but the not a top 10 warm month & the coolest SEPT since 2013 feels like a win.

Prior to the start of the official / unofficial summer stretch from May-Sept if you would have offered me no 90 days MAY & SEPT, a JUN max temp of 92, an AUG max temp of 93 & a July max temp of 97 degrees I would have said where do I sign. It was all about a toasty July & warm overnight lows in June & August.

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69.4 degrees (+0.3)

AVE high 77.8 degrees (-0.2)

AVE low 61.0 degrees (+0.7)

like AUG the warmer minimums driving the overall above average temps, with the AUG max temps at only +0.3 degrees we've had 2 consecutive months in the which the high temps have been essentially average, I'll take that any time during the warm season

based on pure averages the pending 1991-2020 normal for SEPT would be 70.3 degrees, +1.2 degrees above the current 1981-2010 normal

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Here in Western Chester County PA - We finished September with our 1st below normal month temperature wise since the back to back below normal months of April and May 2020. It is also our 1st below normal September since September 2014.


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