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8/12 & 8/13 Flash Flood Watch OBS

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12 minutes ago, cbelke said:

Outflow boundary has arrived, not as strong as it was near the city though.  Winds picking up a bit. Let's see what storms pop-up now...


It’s trying to. May need very good luck to catch something. 

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Small stream behind our house. 11.80" this month.

Quick time lapse of the shelf cloud as the storm rolled in and a somewhat crappy video of the winds in the middle/ back end of the storm. It was around this time that some tree damage occurred. 

Getting pummeled this morning. 1.25” in about 45 minutes.

Posted Images

I love seeing prominent outflow boundaries on radar like this. Three distinct ones in this loop. Cool how the two northern ones are almost symmetrical and connect in the middle, and cool how outflow is spreading out both to the north and the south.


Unfortunately, the storms have all drifted southeast and we barely got a drop of rain here in Newtown.

EDIT- saved from RadarScope as a GIF but for some reason when I upload it here it is only coming over as a still image. Well I’m sure some of you saw this in motion, the two separate northern OFBs intersected near Horsham and you can see the southern one pushing toward Glassboro.



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1.48" storm total in Mount Laurel.  The lightning was something else.  According to the lightningmap web site, there was a lightning bolt above the house at the end of our block.  The house does not appear damaged.

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3rd time in the last 8 days that the shop at my business was under water in Eddystone near Boeing facility.  I wasn't a believer in climate change or global warming before, but I am now . Too many extreme weather events over the last decade or so that normally would happen in a 50-100 year period.    Multiple Tornadoes, floods and blizzards. 

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0.00" back home, and I am extremely grateful. At this point, any torrential rain is going to bring a little water into our basement, as long as the ground is still saturated from Isaias. We've been dry for over four days. 

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Always a crapshoot. Looks like the front is still  north of most of us. Isolated downpours popping up on radar near the front. 



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3 hours ago, tombo82685 said:

This looks more south of the city today in my eyes 

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ
754 AM EDT Thu Aug 13 2020

Hunterdon-Somerset-Middlesex-Western Monmouth-Eastern Monmouth-
Mercer-Western Montgomery-Upper Bucks-
Including the cities of Flemington, Somerville, New Brunswick,
Freehold, Sandy Hook, Trenton, Collegeville, Pottstown, Chalfont,
and Perkasie
754 AM EDT Thu Aug 13 2020


The National Weather Service in Mount Holly has expanded the

* Flash Flood Watch to include portions of New Jersey and
  southeast Pennsylvania, including the following areas, in New
  Jersey, Eastern Monmouth, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex,
  Somerset, and Western Monmouth. In southeast Pennsylvania,
  Upper Bucks and Western Montgomery.
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10 minutes ago, Allsnow said:

Getting slammed here

heavy rain and thunder 

Yea, pretty shocked how that blew up over your area to nyc. Must be where the front is parked at

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