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8/7 Flash Flood, Tornado OBS

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We had some beautiful clouds after the storms, watched some mammatus form, curling over and under the edge. Unfortunately a lot of low level clouds (interestingly, traveling due south) obscuring the higher level beauty.





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That was certainly interesting.  Have now had 3 mesocyclones of varying intensity pass within 3 miles during the week. 

The possibility of a tornado was greatest from just NW of Wilmington to around Bellefonte.  I did take a quick video aimed

in the direction of the storm.  The contrast is difficult to see, but a small lowering is in view looking at the weakening meso. 

The winds were stronger on the rear-flank of the storm, and the lightning was continuous with shotgun-style thunder

overhead for several minutes.  I did a brief audio-purpose video of the thunder to capture the sound.  Did not have the

loudest ones in there during it.  Beckett-Swedesboro also picked up a tremendous amount of rain in a short time. 

The 2 videos:

KDIX Reflectivity 6:21 PM, around the time of the first video with a map below the radar overlay indicating Swedesboro in relation to the storm:


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Gullywasher for Towamencin. Lots of long rolling thunder. Ended up with a rainbow and mammatus along with an orange haze. Impressive lightning show as the storm moved away from us. 



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4 hours ago, Rockchops said:

For anyone interested - NWS confirmed an EF1 tornado in the storm. Very cool to watch it develop and persist on radar.


Glad I warned my brother in Boothwyn since it lifted only about 12 miles from his house and was headed straight for his house.

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