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Interpreting percent of precipitation


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My wife turns 50 tomorrow and would like to celebrate it at the beach on Assateague Island. The only close-by restaurant that is milestone birthday-worthy is the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD. We obtained a 5:30pm reservation for outdoor dining...the only type they offer right now. All my celebration plans would pan out except that there's a 15% chance of precipitation in the afternoon there, climbing to 35% by 8:00pm.

I've googled how to interpret the PoP, but the problem is that I don't know the square mileage of the grid point upon which they assign the PoP. If there was a 20% chance over the entirety of Delaware that's one thing, but if the 20% is only over my local neighborhood, that's another.

Can anyone please help? I don't want to be rained on during dinner, yet plan B isn't as good as plan A.

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20 minutes ago, snowlurker said:

Oh, okay it's a point. That was really dumb of me. Thanks Tony!

It's close to a climo chance.  When I first read your post, I thought the pops were about today. :smiley-shocked032:  I'd like to say there is a go to model with convection, but they all seem to overcook it.  I really miss those ncar mesoscale ensembles with convection. 

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