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Meteorological Spring Banter Thread


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Can’t believe it’s meteorological spring already. Really bummed that there were no snowstorms this winter, not even any potential ones to track. Although I guess no storms at all is better than tracking for a week only to have Lucy yank the football away. Or would most of you have preferred it that way? (i.e., To have loved and lost is better than to never have loved...)

Once I get spring fever, as on a day like Monday 3/2, I no longer have an interest in going back to the cold, unless it’s accompanied by a major snowstorm. Otherwise, I’ll look forward to even a rainy nor’easter or, even better, the return of spring convection. I sure hope we get some local action this year, as my annual Plains storm chasing trip is in jeopardy due to work-related scheduling issues... Not that any thunderstorms around here are ever that great, but if it’s a particularly inactive season it will add insult to injury.


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WSW for 7-14" at my northern outpost - northern Coos county, NH.    Wish I was there.   Pandemic putting a damper on

house work.    Hate to go that far and get turned around or who knows what else.     Have a major septic project to do.

Plus, there were 8 cases in a tiny town just down the road from me last month.

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24 minutes ago, colonel_kurtz said:

Just finished Season 3 of Ozark - awesome series, hasn't lost anything at this point

It was hard to get through the first 5 minutes of episode 1 of season 3. Did it get SLIGHTLY less horrifying? Thought the first season was fantastic and second pretty darned good. 

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Slightly off topic.....but whenever I hear Long Live Rock....I think of the greatest band there ever was or will be....The Beatles..... or as Rolling Stone Magazine says the only band we can call the perfect band! A couple weeks back Howard Stern had Paul McCartney on and tried to get him to say the Beatles were better than the Rolling Stones...which Howard of course loves to state that the Beatles are the ultimate rock band...Paul tried to be diplomatic and gently mention the Beatles wrote the Stones 1st hit in England " I Wanna Be Your Man" a song John and Paul wrote for Ringo to sing....however, Mick Jagger happened to be in the studio the day they wrote it in about 30 minutes...and Mick asked the Beatles if they would be good with the Stones having a go at it....as they had not yet figured out how to write songs on their own. Paul went on to mention to Howard that the Stones always seemed to be just one step behind the Fabs....like the Beatles did Sgt. Pepper and the stones followed with the same kind of approach and imagery....Their Satanic Majesties Request.

Interestingly a week or so later.... MIck Jagger came back and tried to make the claim that the Stones were bigger than the Beatles because the Fab Four stopped touring before the big stadium rock shows of the 70's....the only problem with this claim is the Beatles were indeed the 1st rock band,...and in the 60's the only rock band that could fill Baseball and Football stadiums.....The Beatles were selling out stadiums starting in 1965 with Shea Stadium and then in 1966 they were the 1st rock band to play JFK Stadium in Philly, Dodger Stadium in LA, Busch Stadium in St Louis, Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, RFK Stadium in Washington DC and Candlestick Park in San Francisco...of note the Stones in that summer of 1966 while the Beatles were playing JFK Stadium in Philly the Stones had to play the 4,500 Asbury Park Convention Center in NJ....as they could not even fill the Philadelphia Convention Center with it's 13,000 seats.

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