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Greatest Rock Songs about the Weather


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Since we are in a bit of a weather lull outside of a nice rainstorm. I got to thinking about great rock bands that have recorded songs about the weather or in the title. Of course I immediately go to the all-time greatest rock band in history The Beatles for what was probably the 1st great rock song that was influenced by non over the counter drug prescriptions and the weather...very appropriate for our upcoming system -  Rain.

See link below for a black and white version of this great track from the Fab Four from back in August of 1966.....probably my favorite Ringo Starr drum track (as an amateur drummer a very tough track to play)

Post your favorite weather inspired tracks if so inclined - thanks!



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Talk about challenging drumming:

RIP Neil Peart!

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I’m going to be “that guy” and add some *NSFW* - rap music into the thread. Again, if cursing isn’t your cup of tea, stay away from these. Honestly though, I love rock and rap equally and these songs lyrics carry a lot of weight to me. 



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