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Manuary 11th & 12th OBS. Record High Temps? Thunder, Thunder?


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24 minutes ago, Rainshadow said:

From Mount Holly:


Also we are in general thunder.   GFS has a predicted 75mph LLJ for Saturday night.



I was just looking at that. Looks like it will happen early morning, so maybe some early morning t-storms?

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17 minutes ago, susqushawn said:

I had a couple forsythia pop.  Wtf.  

Spoke to someone in floral yesterday. He said this is not good for young trees as chances are the sap will start flowing and once it gets cold again their trunks will literally explode from within.

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11 hours ago, tombo82685 said:

btw, holy hell at the LLJ on Sunday morning. Any decent convection could bring some that down

Marginal creeping toward us:


Downstream across the Middle Atlantic, increasing southerly flow
   will allow boundary-layer moisture to advance north across the
   Carolinas into VA where 60s surface dew points are expected during
   the overnight hours. While warm advection will undoubtedly encourage
   showers across this region, the primary large-scale forcing will
   spread across the OH Valley into the northern Middle Atlantic.
   Forecast soundings suggest modest lapse rates which do not allow for
   meaningful instability to materialize across this region. Despite
   the strengthening wind fields, will opt to maintain 5% severe probs
   due to weaker forcing and meager buoyancy.
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63.7 currently which is the high temp - also represents a elevation record high for the day - eclipsing the old mark of 59.6 in 2014. The all-time Chester County mark of 67 set back in 1975 appears to remain safe

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50 minutes ago, susqushawn said:

66.7/59.0 max for me.  Did so much work around house and laid on the lounge chair soaking up the filtered sun rays.  Probably able to enjoy it more knowing change is on the horizon

Hopefully I don't pick up the golf clubs again until later in March.

Only one way to go from this disgusting pattern.

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