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Have we done our own Top Ten of the Decade ranking yet?

Thunder Road

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A lot of NWS offices are doing it on social media (though I'm no help at MQT having only been here for the last 15% of the decade) but it got me thinking what the Philly area ones would be.

So I've got a Google form drafted up, but before I push that out, I want a complete list of events to vote on. The voting will ask you to how impactful, memorable, or just plain enjoyable each event was on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 highest) - NOT to explicitly rank them. We'll let the final numbers speak for themselves to determine the highest 10, and their rank. (Does that make sense? You could say each and every one on the list was 5 out of 5 if you wanted - but that wouldn't help the ranking at all.)

However I may need some help filling in blind spots from the years I wasn't living in the Philly area. I've broken down the events by category here, but in the end it will be a simple top-ten with no regard to type of event. Suggestions for things I'm missing? So far I have...








Eagles Blizzard Bowl 12/8/13

Cold January 2014



Cold January 2018



6/24/10 Citizens Bank Park / 75 mph gust at PHL supercell

June/July 2010 heat wave(s) and dryness

June/July 2011 heat wave(s)

6/29/12 derecho

6/23/15 Delco & South Jersey bow echo

10/31/19 QLCS with EF2 tornado



Lee remnants flooding Sept 2011


8/13/18 KOP & Delco flash flooding


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Cold February 2015.

Early February 2014 Ice Storm in SE PA (not sure if it is still the PECO record).

One could filter by either damage or deaths thru a stormdata search.  There may be more: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/stormevents/choosedates.jsp?statefips=42%2CPENNSYLVANIA#

For NJ #1 has to be Sandy.




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with a whopping 10 votes,

1. Sandy (4.6)

2. 1/23/16 (4.5)

3. 2/5/10 (4.3)

3. 2/10/10 (4.3)

5. 6/29/12 derecho (3.8)

6. Irene (3.6)

7. 1/26/11 (3.4)

7. Early February 2014 Ice Storm in SE PA (3.4)

9. 10/31/19 QLCS with EF2 tornado (3.3)

10. 6/23/15 Delco & South Jersey bow echo (3.2)

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