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Hello again from Paul at the East Nantmeal PA Weather Station (www.chescowx.com). Be sure to follow me on twitter at chescopawxman where  I am tweeting daily climate reports, forecast updates and weather and drone photos of our beautiful Township.

When I wrote my last article, in early August  we had just experienced a warmer and wetter than normal July. This included 2 days that exceeded 90 degrees; however, those 2 days would be the only days all summer that exceeded 90 degrees. So technically out township never experienced a heat wave (defined as 3 consecutive days over 90) As I mentioned in my last article down in Philadelphia at the airport, they recorded 35 days over 90 degrees with multiple heat waves. The relative high elevation of our township spares us from many 90-degree days (we only average 4 in a typical summer season) . August would continue our warmer than normal stretch marking the 9th straight month of above normal temperatures. The average temperature was 72.4 which was 2.2 degrees above normal. One big change in our weather was the turn to a much drier pattern that would last throughout both August and September. During August we recorded only 2.71” of rain which was 1.59” below normal. This followed 5 straight months from March through July with above normal rainfall.

September would start off wet with 1.16” of rain falling on the 2nd but only another 0.68” would fall over the remaining 28 days of the month. We would end the month with only 1.84” of rain which is 2.90” below our normal September rainfall of 4.74”. No doubt both our Township farmers and residents noticed their fields and lawns quickly turning brown. However, despite the back to back dry months we are still running 110% of normal YTD rainfall with 40.85” of rain and melted snow having fallen in East Nantmeal so far in 2019. September continued our string of above normal temperatures with an average temp of 67.3 degrees (+2.3 degrees to normal).

However, we did record our 1st couple of mornings with an autumnal chill as both the 19th and 20th saw low temps in the upper 40’s with the lowest being the 47.6 on the 19th. Those mornings marked the 1st sub-50-degree temperatures in the Township since the 47.4 back on June 4th. Overall for the summer period from June through September we averaged a temperature of 71.3 this was the 45th warmest summer in Chester County since local records began in 1894. The warmest being the 74.7 average recorded way back in the summer of 1900. This year was the 6th warmest summer in the 36 years dating back to 1983.

As I write this on October 6th, we have noted a pretty large pattern change that looks to persist through much of the rest of October with cooler and wetter weather in our future. We have not yet recorded a sub-freezing temperature meaning our growing season (days between last and 1st freezes) continues here in the township. The average growing season in East Nantmeal is 188 days. This has ranged from as few as 144 days in 1996 to 233 days in 2005. Today is our 188th day of this growing season. The average date of our 1st freeze is October 23rd; however, it has occurred as early as October 1st in 1993 and as late as November 23rd in 2015. Snowfall is unlikely in the township until late November; however, we have experienced significant snowfalls in the last 8 years most notably the 9” of wet snow that fell on October 29, 2011 and the 7.3” of snow that fell last November 15thand 16th. During November we average just over 1” of snow and during December just under 5 inches. Our normal average seasonal snowfall is 36.6” (fun fact this is the same as Chicago IL)

I will hold off on my annual detailed monthly winter forecast until our next issue just before the holidays….however, I am expecting a slightly above normal snow season and at least one major snowstorm of greater than 10”. Until next time I hope all of you enjoy the autumn weather. If you have any questions, please visit my website, follow me on twitter or send me an email. Until next time –All the best!  Paul

 Until next time –All the best!  Paul

Some are weather-wise, some are otherwise” Ben Franklin

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