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1 hour ago, Rainshadow5.8 said:

Chris, if you are wondering where these pictures went, I placed them in here.

Thanks Tony! Didn't realize I posted them in the wrong thread.

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Snapped this sequence out my kitchen window this evening: Pounce by Josh, on Flickr Check out my Red Shoulders by Josh, on Flickr Bury my head in the... by Josh, on Flickr My what a big wo

Coming back to the heat on Wed. Couple of cool photos from Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.  20190706_201426.mp4

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1 minute ago, cbelke said:

Thanks Tony! Didn't realize I posted them in the wrong thread.

No problem! Tom has to pay me for something. I took a couple of sunset pictures while we were up at Lake Wallenpaupack which I never posted, so the thread title caught my eye.

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This year is an irruptive year for Northern Finches.  We are seeing a huge push of a few species of birds that would normally be wintering in the boreal forrest of Canada, primarily Purple Finches, Pine Siskins and Evening Grosbeaks.  The Evening Grosbeaks are very rare for PA, love backyard feeders and are very cool to see.  I've had them at my feeders twice so far since late October. They look a little like big overly decorated gold finches. Hopefully others will get to see them too.



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So one benefit of working from home is I get to spend a lot more time staring out my home office window at my backyard.  Over the last week I've had these raptors visiting. 

In order a Red Shoulder Hawk, an adult Coopers Hawk trying to flush a little bird out of the sea oats, a Screech Owl, a Red Tail Hawk, and a juvie Coopers Hawk enjoying a breakfast of Starling.  All of these pics were taken w my camera phone, some through the ocular of my bins.






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