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The 90s Revival Observation Thread 8/17(?)-8/22(?)


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8 hours ago, Rainshadow said:

Yes.  I look forward to as Carl has put it that one to two weeks of nice fall weather after October 10th.

You’re going to be longing for the August heat in January when fig crushing, pipe bursting, 5 cords of wood burning, permafrost building, Yukon Cornelius cold comes in January. 

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13 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

89 for the high atleast through 5pm for philly. So one less 90 day so far than thought. 

Mount Laurel high was 88F, enough cu around for the moral victory. I believe tomorrow PHL’s (and probably my) luck runs out, predicted 850 temp 1C higher.

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Out climate summary for today in Western Chester County PA was a High of 83.4 and a  Low  of 73.3 for an average temp of 78.4  which is  6.2 degrees above normal .  Of note today marks the last day of the summer season that those of us in Chesco have an average high temp that will exceed 80 degrees until next June 9th.

That of course does not mean we will see more 80+ days like Sunday with even some upper 80's possible thru Wednesday but any 90 plus days seems well out of reach here in western Chester County

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