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1 hour ago, mshaffer526 said:

Really happy for DJ.  He was choking up during the award presentation, you can tell how much this meant to him.

Echo the previous sentiments, it was glorious to see Bryson suffer. Probably the easiest player besides Patrick Reed to root against, and he might be passing him in those rankings.


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Back from the Azores. Tom may want to relocate. Temps in the 70s. A brief shower or two most days.Thick, weed-free Bermuda grass on lawns and golf course.  Looked bullet-proof.

My boys and I competed in the Philadelphia Disc Golf open this past weekend.  All three of us "cashed" and took home some prizes.   So cool to share a new sport with the juniors.   Looking forwar

My 8 yr. daughter’s school project (planting sunflower seeds after shutdown) has umm....been a success. She is ecstatic, 10-12 feet later.   

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On 11/13/2020 at 9:15 PM, colonel_kurtz said:

#1 - Up to this point the lack of fans at golf tournaments doesn't seem to have really impacted the game however the Masters without fans is not the Masters.

#2 - If the only thing your watching is news then God bless you for not slicing your wrists by now. There is no bigger steaming pile of dung than the vast majority of local, network & cable news outlets.

It was only natural the Bryson would garner quite a bit of pre tourney hype after winning the US Open but that 67 is par for me at Augusta comment really raised some eyebrows. He was part of the early opening round streaming coverage & never looked comfortable from his 1st tee shot. He appears to have righted the ship today at 12 and has an eagle putt on 13 to start tomorrow so with 15 & 16 still to play he has a solid chance of making the cut. It's amazing what pressure & the spotlight can do to some golfers that's why Tiger performing at enormously high level while always the focal point of every tournament he plays is such an achievement. 

Wolff also rec'd quite a bit of hype coming in & he's definitely missing the cut.

Tomorrow looks light another green light day weather wise with little wind. Could be some 20 mph gusts SUN so maybe the course as we normally know it show up for the final round.



I have to disagree with #1. The masters is the course. Yea, sucked without that fanfare and the roars, but that course is absolutely gorgeous and stunning.never gets old to look at . The green fairways, with the Pine straw contrast... man, just beautiful. 

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2 hours ago, Qtown Snow said:

Heading out to Fox Hollow to play a round in a couple hours. Seems like many others doing the same, no tee times left for today.


I looked to book on Tuesday, and every course within 20 miles had no tee times.  Stinks.  Funny, there is Fox Hollow course in my town too.  

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8 hours ago, frankdp23 said:

I looked to book on Tuesday, and every course within 20 miles had no tee times.  Stinks.  Funny, there is Fox Hollow course in my town too.  

Yup! I booked on Monday and it was sold out today. Weather was A+ on the course today and play moved well. They are booked all weekend.

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