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6/29 Last Day Of This Heat/Slight Risk Of Severe Tstms OBS.


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 ...Northeast/Mid Atlantic...
   A cold front will move eastward across the Northeast today with
   northwesterly flow aloft associated with an amplifying eastern CONUS
   upper trough. The pre-frontal warm sector will become moderately
   unstable with 1500-2000 J/kg MLCAPE, and storms are expected to
   intensify along the front from PA into southern New England by mid
   day into early afternoon. A belt of 30-35 kt westerly mid-level
   winds and the destabilizing boundary layer should encourage strong
   to severe wind gusts as activity develops southeastward through the
   late afternoon and early evening. Isolated large hail may also occur
   where flow aloft is forecast to be strongest.


I figure PHL is "good" for a high of 91 or 92 today which would make it four in a row of 90s in this hot spell and also for the month.


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8 minutes ago, snowlurker said:

Gusty winds, heavy rain and hail smaller than pea size down here in Middletown, DE. First time in many months that I've seen it.

The NWS polygon in southern New Castle County is right over my house. 

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Looked like damaging winds may have happened near Smyrna and points east in Kent/New Castle,

then between Cayots and Mt. Pleasant in Cecil/New Castle.  An intense storm near Honey Brook,

another entering central Chester, one just south of where I am (thundering 5 mins straight), and another

near Chesilhurst in Camden county.  Small hail and much lightning occurring with most of them.

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Looks like some strong winds moved through Berks between Reading and Birdsboro

and rural points south.  Still an intense line in most of Chester county, which will move

into Delaware, lower Montgomery and western Philadelphia, and another intense

storm in the forests of Burlington county.

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1 hour ago, frankdp23 said:

All the storms split or weakened as they approached my area.  Had a light shower that didnt register on either of my gauges.  Storm blew up again near my old town of Piscataway 

My Cocohoras rain gage measured .04 of an inch of rain. I just got in from watering my potted dwarf Japanese Cedar. 

I did note the winds before it started to rain. A wee bit of thunder. Breeze was nice, dropped 15 degrees. 

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Rain coming to an end here in Newtown. Windy at the beginning, only a couple of good lightning strikes (each still at least a mile away, but one with a nice long rolling rumble of thunder), but rain not nearly as heavy as last night. Underwhelming overall. I love thunderstorms, but don’t like it when it’s enough to prevent an evening BBQ on the deck, yet not enough to be interesting/exhilarating and then it’s over by 6:30 but everything’s all wet so you still can’t go outside anyway!

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