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Telleconnection Analysis File


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Hi Folks,

I thought it be cool to share something I put together this evening. I've been trying to build a bunch of cool analyses tools based on what other season forecasters have been doing about patterns.  Been doing this stuff for the last 20 years.  Good old Excel spreadsheets of telleconnection trends, climate data, you name it.  

Anyway, I did some neat overlay stuff using an initialization model run of the GFS and overlay that with ocean anomaly plots.  Tropical Tidbits is a great site.  The other cool thing with PowerPoint is you can pull in images using a link.  


One of the things I wanted to do is get a good handle on the Nino regions.  Finally put something together to see where it lines up.  Anyway, check out the file.  Just been looking for ways to try to understand the pattern versus running to what this model shows or that model shows.  Looking back at this winter, I really didn't pick up on how the Pacific Jet would be so dominate.  

Most of the images in the file will update, except the GFS model, but the rest will. 


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