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Meteorological Spring Banter Thread


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I saw an incredible underdog story unfold this past weekend. 

The high school I graduated from sent 10 kids to the PIAA Individual Wrestling Class AA Southeast Regional this past weekend. After the tournament, 5 of the 10 wrestlers are headed to the state tournament starting on Thursday, which is a school record. 

The incredible underdog story comes from their 182-pound weight class wrestler though. This was a wrestler that lost his starting spot and didn't earn it back until halfway through January. From there he went on to finish 3rd at Sectionals and 3rd at Districts (District 3). Starting in the lower half of the Regional bracket meant he was on the same side of the bracket as the District 11 and District 1/12 champions. After scoring a quick pin fall victory in the first round, he had to wrestle the District 11 champion in the quarterfinals, where he scored a stunning 4-2 win in the sudden victory overtime period. Next up was the District 1/12 champion, and after a close 2-2 bout during the third period, the District 1/12 champion scored a late takedown to go up 4-2. The underdog would not be denied though, and hit a Peterson Roll for a reversal and two back points with just five seconds remaining to win 6-4. 

Then during the final, after giving up a takedown in the 1st period and an escape to start the second to go down 3-0, he held off an opposing takedown attempt, got the upper hand, and pulled off the pin fall victory at the 3:17 mark to put an exclamation point on an amazing underdog story.  

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On 3/5/2019 at 11:04 PM, OverTheRainbow said:

Have never watched it. Waiting until this final season comes out and then going to watch it all from the beginning.

I’ve only got season 7 to go before 8 starts. Haven’t watched the trailer yet but it’s been some pretty amazing television. 

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