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March 1st-2nd a fluff delight to mud season again

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4.8 here In gilly little gigi buried a live 

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Wow just woke up and looked at radar. Echoes started around 1:30. at 3:30 it looks like about 2” everything covered. Not even any grass blades sticking out 27* 

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3 minutes ago, Heisenberg said:

Ne philly...snowing decently. Very fine but dense snow flakes.

Was like that in south philly until about 3 minutes ago. Flipped over to big fluffy flakes. Borderline heavy snow. 

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Based on the radar, while quick, the heavy stuff is kinda training into the city. Should see 2" totals for sure. Man I love heavy snow at night. Most people like day snow but Ive always preferred night snow. Nothing like the orange glow of heavy snow at night from the street lights etc. Also always fun once you have some accumulation on the ground and everything gets brighter during +SN.

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Rippin out there in NE philly. Im at work but eyeballing it looks close to an inch already and its only been snowing for around and hour or so. I think 2-3 to maybe even 4 inches is definitely doable here. Especially if these rates keep up for any amount of time. And im with ya Heisy, i enjoy night time snow better.

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