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To all the photography pro's and non-pro's. I'm looking to upgrade my DSLR, which is a Nikon D90. Anyone have any preferences or recommendations on going with either a Nikon or Canon?

I'm heading out to Yellowstone this summer and wanted to get an updated camera outfit as mine is now about 10 yrs old. Any thoughts?

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If you have a collection of lenses for your Nikon, that would probably push you to stay with their bodies.  If that isn't an issue, I'd look at some of the new Sony models.  They seem to be the cream of the crop these days.  You also might want to consider a mirrorless body.  They can be a lot more portable / comfortable to carry if you're considering hiking out to places in Yellowstone but still want the option of sawpping lenses.  

Finally, if you're not married to DSLR set ups with swap-able lenses, etc, Superzoom bodies have a lot of merit for wildlife treks:

Nikon Coolpix 1000


or Sony Rx10 MarkIV



Personally, I've moved away almost entirely from my DSLR (I had a D90 and D5000 with a number of lenses) and do 99% of my shooting with my Canon G7xmkII.  I find that the size and capabilities mean i can have it with me all the time, don't need to worry nearly as much about it getting knocked around and it has a better senor than my D90 and a  pretty robust feature set for the small package. 

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