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History of Weather Forecasting


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Hello all.  I've read the forums for years and benefited greatly from everyone's knowledge, but had little to contribute myself since, well, this just isn't my field!  But this - http://jahpodcast.com/podcast/201812.mp3 -  came up in my podcast feed today and seemed like something that might interest some of you.  It's an interview with a historian who's just published an article on the history of weather forecasting, both the process of building forecasts and the later (well, okay, almost immediate!) commercialization of forecasts.  The interview sounds like it gives a pretty good overview of the article, but if you're hungry for more, you can look for the author, Jamie Pietruska.  (I'm finding a few articles if I just google her - I'm forbearing from adding links here since so many online forums get cranky when new members post lots of links.  If you want to see this article, you'll need access to the Journal of American History, probably available at or through a college library near you).

Thanks for all the long discussions of models and buses!  Now if you'll excuse me, time to go cross all my toes and fingers and sacrifice a few chickens for that storm this weekend!

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