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Winter Banter thread


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Comet 46P/Wirtanen also makes its closest approach this weekend for something to look for along with the Geminids, for those lucky to have some clear sky (not our area, lol).  Somebody took this pic of it as a tree topper, long exposure, it is visible, but just barely, in the Taurus constellation.  Will pop with binoculars/telescope. 

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1 hour ago, tombo82685 said:

just remember, 2009/2010 had a month and a half of no snow and look what happened. 



But seriously, i just think some people need a little patience. Mid December never really looked good. I was optimistic for the 23-31st for a few days, but then the MJO played a little more into the forecast than thought. Still a window for smaller hits over the next 7-10 day window. After that, we should look a lot more favorable.


remember, It only takes 1....

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