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White Christmas History


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With a little snow possible on Christmas Eve morning I thought I would go back and review the Christmas snow history for Chester County PA (1894 to Present) if you have your local data please post it here.

Here in Chester County we have a 1 year of every 4 or 25% chance of having snow on the ground on Christmas Day with the most recent being last year when 0.3" was on the ground. Now for my records I am only counting days that had at least 1" of snow on the ground on Christmas Day. The greatest snow depth recorded on Christmas was the 25" of snow on the ground Christmas Night following a 21.2" storm including lightning and thunder that began Christmas Eve. this followed the 8.8" that fell earlier that week on the 20th. The next snowiest Christmas was from a storm that began at 8am on Christmas day back in 1909 and continued into the next day ending at 6:30am on the 26th (for both of these events I have attached the coop reports including W.T. Gordon's note that is was "snowing furiously and very deep snow" in 1909.  Of note this snowstorm also represents our 2nd greatest individual snowstorm in County history as 38" had accumulated by the time it ended. The only greater snowstorm in our history was the 3 day Blizzard of February 12-14, 1899 when a whopping 45.3" of snow fell with temps mainly in the single digits during the storm duration.

The coldest Christmas Eve and Day occurred back in 1980 when the morning lows both days were below zero with the 24th at 2 below and Christmas Day at 6 below zero. Of interest just 3 years later in 1983 we also had below zero Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with lows of 1 below and 3 below respectively. That Christmas Day in 1983 was also the coldest Christmas Day with a high of just 6 degrees above zero. By contrast the warmest Christmas Eve was just 3 years ago when we recorded a high temp of 68.5 in 2015 the next day Christmas was also mighty toasty with a high of 66.7 but a tick behind the 67 degree reading from 1964. The wettest holiday was the 1.63" that fell on Christmas Eve 1986 and the 1.92" that fell on Christmas Day 1967.

No matter your weather I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!!

All the best,


Dec 1966 obs.pdf

Dec 1909 obs.pdf

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