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It Is Bigger Than The FV3GFS The Issue Of Tropical Tidbit Web Site Accumulating Snow While It Is Raining


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I posted this a couple of times during the Mid November event and having a PSA buried in a 30 page thread is as useful as a snow thrower in Miami.  For whatever reason, this is an issue with the Tropical Tidbit site, but not Pivotal Weather.  I don't know if there is a sniff of snow at the start of the 6 hour time step or the sfc temp is less than 35F the algorithm assumes it is snowing throughout the six hour time period,  but the pivotal site does not have the same issue.

Here is an example from today's FV3 GFS in which near the snow/rain interface where it was raining throughout the six hour period, snow was still accumulating.  Below is the Pivotal Weather website output (both 10:1) during the same time. 





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2 minutes ago, WINTERweatherguy said:

Great catch wow

They are realllllllllyyyy bad maps when you have other precip types outside of snow because it counts sleet as snow and well apparently rain too. Hence my gif above, in one ear and out of the other to those that love all the pretty colors on the maps

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11 minutes ago, Rainshadow said:

Look at this on the 3km NAM:






Totally above freezing sounding, yet the snow still falls. These are one hour time steps so the straws are grasping at straws at this point:


Now you see why the weenies love these maps. It snows at 46 degrees aloft

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