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Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition


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Our high for today will be the 30.2 at midnight making this our 2nd coldest Thanksgiving max temp behind only the 27.0 high from 1996 (records back to 1894)

We also reached the teens club for the 1st time with a low of 19.5 - good for coldest Thanksgiving since 2005 and overall our 5th coldest reading on Turkey day passing the 19.9 from Thanksgiving 2000. Good shot we move up in the rankings before midnight the top 4 coldest are:

11/26/1903 - 14.0

11/27/1947 - 17.0

11/24/2005 - 18.8

11/29/1894 - 19.0

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


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We did drop to 17.6 at 11:59pm last evening moving this Thanksgiving to the 3rd coldest max temp behind only 1903 and 1947. Also yesterday's 30.2 max temp set a new record low max for the date surpassing the 31.0 max temp set back in 1989.  Today's AM Low  of 13.8 was a couple degrees short of the record low for today which was 11.0 in 1989. We have a chance to set another record low max for the date today which is also 31.0 set back in 1989.

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21 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

Congrats, such an honor to have you in this club so early. How are the figs doing?

Sorry shape.  Our red maples still have leaves on them. They dropped a number of leaves earlier because of some fungus with the wet humid weather, so even if they all already fell, I can't bury the figs as well as I buried them in past winters.


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