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Fall 2018 Pics


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Soon we’ll have foliage and pumpkin pIcs. For now we’ll have to settle for Limerick Nuclear Power Plant Pics I took today while over at the outlets.  :huh2: Those towers still are captivating to me (not in the nicest way) after living here 10+ years. 



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Today was a great for flying, and my pilot friend was available to take me flying. We were in the air for about an hour, a busy day at the airport. After a few lousy weekends, a lot of folk were out flying. Anyway, we flew to the Delaware Water Gap where I took pictures with my iPad. I am posting this from my desktop because iPhoto on my desktop allowed me to edit out the dirty windshield of the Cessna 172. The blur is probably the propellers. This is the best shot of the Gap with NJ (Mt Tammany) on the right and PA (Mt Minsi) on the left. I love flying the Gap and seeing the geological formations from the air.

I will upload more in a few moments. I wanted to take some photos of one of my favorite places to share with all of my friends on Phillywx.




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More photos from my flight with my pilot friend to the Delaware Water Gap on September 30th. Flying from NJ towards PA. Photos in order (I hope): (1) Delaware River about three minutes before we got to the Water Gap; (2) Mt. Tammany on right, (3) Mt Tammany, (4) Mt Minsi, and (5) closeup Mt Minsi. Tyler

P.S. a couple of the photos have reflections, this happens to me sometimes when taking photos from an airplane.






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