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Northern Lights in Philly?


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Does anyone think we'll be able to see the Northern Lights here tomorrow night?

No clue if it will happen here or not. A lot of times when they say it will, it never really does. The one back in 2012 we had a chance but it never made it this far south. If it does come this far south we may have some issues we are going to have clouds rolling in with the system slated for saturday.

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As you saw, it's predicted Kp 7-ish for Sat a.m and around 5-6 for Sun a.m. Kp prediction errors >> may << work in your favor, perhaps reaching 7.5 - 8, which would raise our local chances. But even if it works out, any display will be low on the horizon, probably very faint, and mostly in the green-yellow colors. Assuming clear and dark skies, find a viewing site as high as possible with a clear view North; it's certainly worth the effort either way. Even with no auroral display, you'll still have a great evening of stargazing.

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