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Historically Hottest Summers (June/July/August) in Philly burbs since 1894


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On this date way back 118 years ago in 1900 we were in the middle of our hottest August day of the hottest August month in our history here in the NW Philadelphia suburbs. The high today back in 1900 hit 101.5...this was one of five times that August that we hit the century mark...occurring way back before we all were so worried about climate change at the turn of the century. Some may be surprised but 4 of our 5 warmest summers (June/July/August) happened to occur during the 1st 50 years of the 20th century. Here is a list of the climatological warmest summers in the NW Philadelphia suburbs since 1894.

#1- 1900 (+10.7 above normal)

#2 - 1999 ((+8.7 above normal)

#3 - 1901 (+8.5 above normal)

#4 - 1942 (+8.4 above normal)

#5 - 1955 (+8.4 above normal)


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