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August 5th-8th 90(s) Degree Day Obs. First Time Ever PHL Had Four Consecutive 92 Degree High Days.


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My daily rant of you outright :facepalm: with 2M surface temp predictions during summer GFS.  

Worst part about this non stop nonsense is that it has infected MOS or MOS is not smart enough to smell a rat (which it should).   I was clicking on the EMC site and it looks like the farther east in the conus and/or the larger the city, the more egregious this warm bias is.  Congrats Boston, I think you win this contest too.  I don't know how dry Boston has been recently, but the recent wetness (OP EC is about 5F lower with max temps for PHL, but they tend to be about 2F too much in the cool direction) is given 0.0000003 second consideration by the GFS.  The EC obviously has a better grasp of soil moisture content as it never bit on the let's have a bunch of 100s (heck 108 in DCA) party the GFS was throwing in early July and it was nearly as hot as the GFS in mid July when antecedent conditions became drier. 





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This humidity is unrelenting.  

I have a small handful of days off that I want to use as maintenance/stay at home days for the rest of the year; I feel like they are wasted if I'm just going to sit at home in the A/C all day.  Trying to save them up for fall.

We are headed to OBX Labor Day week.   Just hoping the tropics behave while we are there.

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As for the pair of 95(s) at PNE, I know there exists differences in opinion about the Gladstone qc methodology.  Be it as it may, PHL bias has been neutral the past week, while PNE bias is nearly +2F with max temps.  The bias is still there at PNE if one expands the data range to a month, while PHL has been averaging a cool bias of about 0.75 of a degree.






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So far this week of course no 90 degree readings here in NW Chesco - I do see PHL likely to hit their 19th such day of the year and 3rd?? in a row. While here in Chesco no 90 degree days in over a month with the last one recorded during our one and only heat wave of the season on July 3rd. For the year so far only 4 days above 90 in these tundra areas!

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21 minutes ago, Parsley said:

Looks like triple 91's IMBY for the past 3 days. Some of the worst feeling 91's I can ever remember. 

Low to mid-70 dews - yuck


PHILADELPHIA   FAIR      91  72  53 S10       29.93F HX  98
NORTH PHILA    FAIR      94  73  50 SW10      29.94F HX 103
DOYLESTOWN     FAIR      89  73  59 VRB7      29.93F HX  97
QUAKERTOWN*    MOSUNNY   90  75  62 VRB7G13   29.95F HX 100
PERKASIE*      FAIR      90  73  58 S6        29.96F HX  98
POTTSTOWN      FAIR      89  73  59 S8        29.96F HX  97
LANCASTER      FAIR      90  74  59 S12       29.94F HX  99
COATESVILLE    FAIR      88  75  66 VRB6      29.98F HX  97
READING        PTSUNNY   91  74  57 SW10      29.92F HX 100
ALLENTOWN      FAIR      92  72  51 SW13      29.93F HX  99
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11 hours ago, Rainshadow said:

Welp 11C+15z 925MB would give PHL a hat trick 92F for a high today.  Wednesday has to potential to be hotter because of thermal conditions, but not sure if clouds will get in the way.

A pair of marginal risk days coming:



Looks like it is going to be a hat trick 92F for PHL and also a 92F for a max temp here in Mount Laurel.

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