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7/27 Slight Risk Tstorm Obs


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Post 'em if you got 'em.
...Portions of Mid-Atlantic/New England...
   Widely scattered to scattered thunderstorms should develop around
   midday to early afternoon over the higher terrain from northern WV
   to eastern NY and northern New England.  This will occur as diabatic
   heating of higher terrain preferentially weakens MLCINH, amidst
   subtle low-level convergence near the prefrontal trough.  Activity
   should increase in coverage through the remainder of the afternoon,
   filling into a northeast/southwest-oriented belt of scattered to
   numerous thunderstorms.  The main threats will be damaging wind,
   some of which may become severe, along with sporadic hail.

   Small-scale shots of DCVA are possible from subtle vorticity lobes
   orbiting the main cyclone, and much of the outlook area will be
   under the right-entrance region of an 85-95-kt, cyclonically curved
   250-mb jet.  Associated destabilized lapse rates aloft will not be
   as steep as in an EML, with forecast soundings showing generally 6-7
   deg C/km above the boundary layer.  Still, when combined with
   favorable low-level moisture/theta-e and diurnal surface heating,
   they will support the development of MLCAPE around 1000-1500 J/kg
   over northern New England, to 2500-3000 J/kg over the Delmarva
   region where boundary-layer moisture content will be greatest. 
   35-40-kt effective-shear magnitudes should be common over the
   region, amidst generally small hodographs and weak directional
   shear.  This favors dominant quasi-linear, multicellular modes,
   though some supercell characteristics may appear in discrete cells
   before upscale mergers occur.


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1 hour ago, irishbri74 said:

Watch issued for SEPA.


perkasie cell from West chester about 20 mins ago. And a failing updraft above me 



Sun came out for 30 seconds while I was out mowing and then the skies opened up with huge raindrops for about 5 minutes. I got clipped by the tail end of that cell that went through Souderton.

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Agreed, more show than anything I think. Long rumbles of thunder, but nothing in regard to high winds or anything really with any velocity. Cloud tops are in the 25K to 30K ft range, with a few 40K ft'ers out by Reading. 


Any confirmed reports of hail yet?

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