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Spring and Summer 2018

Qtown Snow

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5 hours ago, CyphaPSU said:

Nice, is that a little marine layer inversion I see going on there?

perfect conditions FRI for the marine layer inversion - mid 80's over 63 degree water with virtually no breeze on the beach

been going down either 1st or 2nd weekend of June since 1995 & good beach days are not easy to come by, many foggy shank days on the immediate coast while a few miles inland we bake on the golf course

another shot with the inversion more pronounced



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  • 2 weeks later...

Don’t know why I just this week got the idea to do this, but I got out my good DLSR and zoom lens, which I typically only use for my annual Plains storm chasing trips, and decided to snap pictures of the birds in the yard while sitting in my deck or porch in the early mornings. I have a weeping Alaskan cedar tree that stands alone in the yard and birds seem to love to spend time surveying the scene from the very top. I don’t even have any feeders out right now, once I get those hung I hope to get some better shots.


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Pics from my recent trip to the Shenandoah National Park region in VA.

The weather wasn’t too cooperative much of last week (probably had 2-4 inches total during the week with downpours and storms) but I took advantage during tranquil periods. 

Last 2 pics are a radar grab and shot of a sweet storm over the Blue Ridge Mountains.











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