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APR 14-16 OBS - Summer to Shank to Swamp

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Soaking it all in out in Amish Country today. Mid-80s with gusty, manure-freshened south winds.   

Should have stayed in Florida  

Ice near High Point, NJ in Sussex County.  Photo From Shawn Viggiano:

Just now, susqushawn said:

You know you want to...


hahaha, I would so do it. With working outside in those cold late dec days and early jan days with highs in the low teens and mornings in the single digits. 40 and wind is absolutely nothing, and quite enjoyable

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7 hours ago, Rainshadow said:

Smart person not buying what the GFS was selling.  It will end up being drunker than the NAM on this one.  DYL already has had a bunch of 39(s) in the past hour.  Yes that 32F for a low was silly, but it was better than the GFS.

NAM / HRRR timing looked pretty solid yesterday, blew thru hear just after 7:00.  GFS had the front barely clearing Baltimore so yeah definitely hit the sauce hard.

Nice call on your part as not much movement with the front during the day however once to 5:00pm it really shifted into overdrive. 33 degree drop in right around 3 hrs. at TTN.

83 / 46  split yesterday, low today is the current temp of 40

was a 2 glove day on course this morning until the gloves got soaked & at that point no gloves are better than wet gloves, wedges were useless except immediately around the green were useless today, 7 iron punch & run was a much better option

today would have been a crappy golfing day in JAN let alone APR

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Was, I say WAS, supposed to play golf at 7 AM this morning. I was ready with my winter golf gloves and ski jacket, but alas... the rest of the group chickened out.

Currently a balmy 38 F, with gusty winds in the 30+ mph range and a light wind driven rain.. 

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Perfect timing for my 8 a.m. flight out of Philly...      .55" so far for the day in NW Chesco, .42" yesterday.    Temperature slowly rising, up to 43.5.

Downpours every couple minutes for a couple minutes.

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