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March Lion Obs (Wind, Rain, Snow, Blowing Trash)


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27 minutes ago, susqushawn said:

I'm going against my better judgment (aka my wife) and heading to the Pocs cabin tonight.  Never experienced a good storm up there.  I'll post the goods tomorrow.

Thinking of buying up that way myself.  Maybe a plot of land and build.  What are the good spots with elevation of course? 

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20 minutes ago, susqushawn said:

We are on Lake Jamie at 1850 ft, pretty much the middle of nowhere South of Lake Wallenpaupack, every once in awhile a piece of ground pops up for sale, there is a house and land for sale right now if you Google it I don't know the address

great thanks!  I have been nosing around but I am not extremely familiar with the area.   1850'  that is about as good as it gets in PA.  

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3 hours ago, phlwx said:

Questions to ponder:

1) Will we get 75+ mph gusts anywhere? (I think we'll come close at Cape May and a few of the coastal obs).

2) How much for Tobyhanna?

3) Is the NAM essentially a model designed by the worst of weather weenies to bring the most EXTREMEEEEEEE solution possible?

Maybe things weren't as good as I thought in the "good old days", but I would love to run the eta model circa 1998 on one of these events and see what it would forecast.


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