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November/December/January below normal...how rare is that?


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Assuming the temperature stays below 32 until midnight...here in Chester County Pa we will barely finish with a below normal January. This follows a below normal November and December. So how often have we had these 3 months below normal in the last 35 years (1983 - Present)?  The answer is this is the 8th such occurrence during the last 35 years. Working from the most recent below normal hat trick backwards: 2013/14 - 2002/03 - 2000/01 - 1995/96 - 1993/94 - 1986/87 and 1983-84. 

Now if February should also finish below normal temp wise - that would mark the 6th time with only 1983-84 and 2000-01 failing to follow up the Nov/Dec/Jan with a below normal February.

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