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2017 Climate Summaries


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I just got around to summarizing 2017. I will rank based on all-time (1894 to Present) and relative high elevation obs (1983 to Present) for Chester County Pa. Normals will be against the 1983 to Present data set. If you have your local or PWS station summaries please post it here - thanks!

The average temperature in 2017 was 53.9 degrees which is +1.6 above normal (AN) this is the 6th warmest year in the last 35 years and the 14th warmest year all-time. Top 5 warmest years were 1998/1900/1913/1921/1931. The warmest temperature was June 13th when we hit 91.1 - this was also the one and only day we reached 90 degrees or higher in 2017. We waited till the final day of 2017 to record our lowest reading of 6.7 degrees.

Total Precipitation was only 44.47" which is 6.36" below our normal annual precipitation of 50.97". This represented out 12th driest year in the last 35 years and 52nd driest all-time the top 5 dry years being 1941/1918/2001/1954/1930

Total Snowfall was 34.9" (4.1" below normal) this was the 16th snowiest year in the last 35 years and 44th snowiest all-time with the Top 5 being 1899/1907/2014/2010/1966

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