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The Decimate Your Figs Cold Cold Weekend Temp OBS 1/5-1/7


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Radiational night Saturday night probably best chance for records and :( below zero temps.


This comes from PHI (I think Walt Drag) daily records:

Record Low Temps for Friday 1/5:  also Record low Max

Allentown (ABE).....not likely              15F (1968)

Reading (RDG).......not likely              12F (1904)

Atlantic City (ACY).not likely              18F (1968)

Philadelphia (PHL)..not likely              14F (1904)

Wilmington (ILG)....not likely              16F (1904)

Trenton (TTN).......not likely              no rer avbl

Georgetown (GED)....9F (1958)               no rer avbl

Mount Pocono (MPO)..not likely              no rer avbl

Record Low Temps for Saturday 1/6: also Record low Max

Allentown (ABE).......not likely           13F (1942)

Reading (RDG).........not likely           15F (1912)

Atlantic City (ACY)...4F (1981)            17F (1912)

Philadelphia (PHL)...4F (1896)             18F (1942)

Wilmington (ILG)...7F (1924 and 1946)      20F (1988)

Trenton (TTN)...5F (1896 and 1904)         no rer avbl

Georgetown (GED)...6F (1969)               no rer avbl

Mount Pocono (MPO).....not likely          no rer avbl

Record Low Temperatures for Sunday 1/7:

Allentown (ABE)....-4F (1942)

Atlantic City (ACY).4F (1884)

Philadelphia (PHL)..4F (2014)

Wilmington (ILG)....3F (2014)

Reading (RDG).......0F (2014)

Trenton (TTN).......2F (2014)

Georgetown (GED)....8F (2014)

Mount Pocono (MPO)..-8F (2014)
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Today's high in East Nantmeal PA was a bit higher than some surrounding spots at 16.3...however still good for a record low maximum temp that broke a 125 year record for the Chester County Pa record database that was set way back in 1896  when the high was 17 degrees. The record low max tomorrow is also 17 degrees...but a bit more recent having been set back in 1996 right before the Great Blizzard of 1996. The WXSIM and NWS forecast both indicate a low of 2 degrees by Saturday morning...however the NWS forecast for Sunday AM (1 below zero)  is 3 degrees lower than my WXSIM forecast which sees an early Sunday low of again 2 degrees here in East Nantmeal Twp. Regarding all-time records for the County...not that close to the all-time Chester County record tomorrow morning  - which is 4 degrees below zero set back in 1904. If the NWS forecast is correct Sunday will be very close to a record low set just 4 years ago back in 2014 when we hit 1.6 degrees below zero...however WXSIM shows only 2 degrees above...we shall see. Stay warm my friends!!


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16 / 7 for the split today at PHL

for the date the high of 16 breaks the old mark of 18 set in 1896, 1912 & 1942 for coldest max temp over the period of record

for the date the low of 7 degrees is coldest temp in 122 yrs. (4 degrees - 1896) & is the 2nd coldest temp over the period of record

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7 hours ago, Rainshadow said:

Tom's goal for me tonight on GFS MOS.  If its any consolation to me, I am already 14F.  One hand clapping.


if the wind doesn't die, you won't be close imo. That goes for a lot of places that are radiant dependent. Need the wind to die off so you can maximize radiation. 

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Again one of the warmer spots today here on the frozen tundra of NW Chesco - High 15.2 Low 3.8. Today's high was the lowest max temp for the date in the 125 year data set for Chester County - old record was 17 in 1996 as we awaited the Blizzard!. Still today being the 12th straight day of below freezing temps gets us to the 4th longest stretch in recorded history...tomorrow will get us to #3 longest stretches of sub 32 ever!! That is very impressive to say the least!!  

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