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1/3-1/4 Storm Banter thread


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2 hours ago, susqushawn said:

I have a funny feeling about this one.  It might just be the IPA's or freezing my balls off skiing today...but really think it's going to at the very least tease us on the models to keep us in suspense. 

The buckled lead vort will help it slow some and the trailing vort sped up at 18z.  Its really not that far from a phase that could benefit us. 

That closed low in the Pac, if it keeps shifting west allows that lead vort to come a tad west too, the follow up vort is caught up in the faster flow prevalent in this pattern so it has a chance to catch it in time.   I'm back on top of the bus.

Just hang on up there. Going to be a bumpy ride. We need to stop and pick Tombo up if he ever stops yawning. 


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13 minutes ago, Baseball0618 said:

this one feels like we will be outside looking in. 


This will be Febs bus looking to the east 



Nope. But when the bus leaves the station you and Tom won't get a ticket. ☺️

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29 minutes ago, Chubbs said:

Looks like we needed one more tick west to get in the 700 mb circulation. It is close, the bus is driving on a cliff edge with no guardrail.


The bus was set on fire 🔥 last night 

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