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7 PM Sunsets Gone, HAPPIER Days Are Coming Back Again


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17 hours ago, Rainshadow said:

Only 18 minutes of afternoon sun left to lose.  About a month and a week until the sun starts setting later again.  :)


I enjoy this "glass half full" approach.  Sunsets are already before 5 PM and we aren't even out of the first week of November yet.

The worst part of this time of year for me is not being able to run when I get home.  It's too dang cold in the morning.


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I love the long days of summer for being outside on the deck and having a late dinner... But for the winter "indoors season," when in the "cozy-up by the fire" mode, the early darkness adds to the feeling... There's something nice about winding down early on a Sunday evening because the day is already over... And when I am still at my desk at 7pm on a weeknight, I feel less like I am pissing my life away if it's dark already anyway [emoji57]



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