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Weather, Sports and October Memories....


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I was looking back at the climate data set for Chester County over the past 35 years and the October that stands out for warm was the great October of 2007. Now why was it so great in my humble estimation...well I have several reasons. While the great warmth that enveloped our region was the greatest in the last 35 years and only remotely approached by the October of way back in 1984 for warmth.  What really stood out for me were a bunch of non-weather events/milestones that made it really stand out. First off in September my 2nd child and only son was born - Matthew...and as often sports and life intermingle...I remember my son's baptism and related party taking place on the very day the Phillies completed their amazing and improbable comeback and won their 1st division title and post season appearance since 1993 (crushing the NY Mets). I remember that day at the end of September for it's amazing warmth and the following 1st 10 days of October for great warmth for the time of year...with even here on the frozen tundra of NW Chester County we recorded temps at 78 or higher on 6 of the 1st 9 days of October on our way to the warmest October in the last 35 years in Chester County. This marked the beginning of the greatest run of success in Phillies history with them winning 5 straight division titles, 2 straight National League Pennants and a World Championship. It was tough trying to explain to a friend of my son's on a recent saturday night 2 weeks ago - who is a big Birds fan that the Eagles are without a doubt by far the most losing team in all of Philly sports among all of the Philly teams in my lifelong passion for Philly sports...which is a sports memory that goes back to 1972.  Does anyone think they might actually be inclined to mix in a championship at some point??  This lack of winning by the Birds has firmly established the Eagles as the only team in Philadelphia to not win at least 2 Championships (let alone even one) since color TV was invented...or since 1960....ugh!

I will always remember that October of 2007, despite the fact the Phightins were swept away by the Rockies in the divisional series marked the beginning of a glorious time of what we called back then "red Octobers" - that stretched from 2007 through October of 2011. As October baseball begins this week I miss the fact the Phils have not made an appearance in the last 6 years but am encouraged with the amount of young talent they have Hoskins, Williams, Herrera, Altherr, Crawford, Franco, Hernandez, Kingery and Alfaro...now if only they can find/buy a little pitching. The good news is they are one of the richest teams in baseball...so let's see what the off season holds.

I always remain hopeful for the Eagles...but as I have learned all too well - don't hold your breath for that team...but look to the bright future of America's Pastime in Philly!! And of course as Ben Franklin our 1st weather wise statesman liked to say...enjoy what is "the most agreeable time of year in the Pennsylvania area...the Autumn season!




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