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Hurricane Scwartz is no longer the Chief


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Tammie Souza is in and Glenn Hurricane Scwartz is out as "Chief Meteorologist".

I enjoy Glenn's forecasts and try to catch him once or twice a week on NBC10. Lately, they stopped using the "Chief" in front of Meteorologist when introducing him. It had happened a couple of times over the last few weeks.

I happened to see Tammie get introduced last week for the weather segment and she now is the Chief Meteorologist.

That's just cold, man.

I would love to see the org chart.

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Having interned at a news station "back in the day" I'd describe the environment as: ruthless.

Sure as heck wasn't the environment I had an interest sticking around in. Kudos to Glenn for his success and longevity as chief meteorologist. 

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