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FYI (for those of you who read my forecasts)


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Thank you Tom for your dedication and efforts.  I really appreciated your take on the weather and enjoyed reading your posts.  They were so easily understandable to the layperson and helped me learn a lot.  Best wishes to whatever's next!

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Thank-you for all you have done. I stumbled across your facebook page a few years ago and always found myself going back to it for your local forecasts. Then I found this site a couple of years agp, just the sort of forums that I was looking for. I understand the need to ramp down, and wish you well. I will continue to look forward to your posts on these forums as you have time to to so.

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On 7/31/2017 at 7:11 PM, phlwx said:


I've been meaning to come here and check if you posted anything about it, and haven't got around to it until now.  That was quite the shock seeing that!  Checking your forecast was a standard part of waking up every morning, and I admit, I'm kind of lost without it!  Any time the weather has been in question, checking to see if you updated anything has been my only way of checking what's actually going on, and whenever the weather is iffy, checking your assessment of it was the first and only way to find out what may or may not happen or how likely a situation is or isn't.  Your meaningful text and assessment of the patterns was the only source I'm aware of for well reasoned descriptive analysis of what the pattern is, how it's unfolding, and what is likely to happen.

I admit, weather is going to be a total mystery at this point as I'm now stuck with the hourly 42 day forecast from Accu as being my only meaningful source of weather which will tell me "rain ending in 27 minutes" while it's sunny out, and flip flop between completely different weather systems every other day.  Just for one week it's been a total frustration figuring out what's going on without your forecasts! 

We might be better off just looking out the window and figuring it out by looking at the sky, without you!


Are there any other forecasts out there that go into similar detail without the crazy hype, but are more descriptive than the normal Accu/WC/NWS websites that are all, honestly fairly junky and uninformative?  


There's of course this forum which is also fairly unhelpful for just figuring out what's going on if you're not into reading model data (or listening to the folks who seem to love damaging conditions..... This board gives me more false heart attacks than anything 3, 6, & 10 can muster! :P )

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Thanks Tom for all you have done all the best!

I just started my daily weather tweets last month (a wee bit behind your lead) no doubt I will never get to the non-sleep level you did


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