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GOES-16 applications


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Some of you may know that I write a blog on aerial wildland firefighting. For the most part I write on issues relating to the use of aerial resources to support wildland firefighters on the ground. Over the last three years or so, I sometimes delve into meteorological concerns that may affect wildland firefighting. Sometimes I write about meteorological concerns and weather events that bear little relation to wildland firefighting. I am not any kind of firefighter (wildland or structure). I am a non-pilot aviation enthusiast. I am a non-meteorologist weather enthusiast.

With the launch of GOES-16, then known as GOES-R, last fall I got very excited about what this new geostationary satellite will mean for weather forecasting in general and specifically for wildland firefighting. To that end, I began to write about GOES-16 relying on various materials available through NOAA Satellites and related sources on the internet starting with her launch in November (search on the GOES-16 tag). For example, I got an account on COMET/MetEd and took some of the GOES-R modules, some were a little above my pay grade but I did learn something. At the same time, I began learning what I could about how the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) on GOES -16.

A few days ago, I completed an eight-part series on Applications of GOES-16 for wildfire detection. Part 1 is an introduction, parts 2 to 4 are background on GOES-16 and her ABI. Parts 5 to 7 are devoted to the work of NWS weather forecasters at NWS WFO Norman OK and colleagues from other NWS WFO offices, NWS Storm Prediction Center, and Universities on the development of an Experimental Wildland Fire Detection Notification Application using first GOES-14 in Super Rapid Scan Mode in the spring of 2016 and later GOES-16 after she was launched.

Here is a link to Part 5 of 8 Application of GOES-16 for wildfire detection: Feb 18, 2016 wildfire danger in western OK and development of the Experimental Wildfire Detection Notification Application

It has been my very great privilege to get to know some wonderful meteorologists whose help has made these articles possible. Thank-you. I am very excited about what GOES-16 will mean for wildfire detection. And of course, this is but just one application of GOES-16.

I thought that some of you might enjoy reading this series and learning about the Experimental Wildland Fire Detection Notification Application.



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