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GOES-16 v GOES-13 imagery of a nor'easter or coastal storm wanted


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I am working on a project that involves GOES-16 for my blog. I can't go into details yet, but I'll share it here when I am finished. Anyway, I know about the imagery available from NOAA Satellites, GOES-R data and imagery, and the CIMSS blog. The CIMSS blog has some great GOES-13 v GOES-16 imagery, two entries I am linking to. One on fog/stratus and the other on lake effect clouds. I don't want water vapor imagery. I have an idea of what water vapor imagery is but explaining it is not the purpose of what I am doing. I am looking for visible imagery from GOES-13 and what I think would be band-2 imagery from GOES-16. I do know about COMET, and have taken some of the GOES-R modules for my own edification.

The point is to show my readers the greater resolution available in GOES-16, yet keeping it simple. And within my pay grade and not making their eyes roll inside their heads. Nor mine as well. <LOL>

So I am asking if any of you know of any sources of GOES-13 v GOES-16 images of a mid-latitude cyclone that I can link to, I'd be grateful. Perhaps there is a WFO that might have such images on their FB page for example. I understand that WFOs are busy doing what you do best. So WFO forecasters may be too busy to set aside GOES-13 images and GOES-16 image of a current storm for future use. I am just putting my question out there in the event (not unlikely) that I am missing something obvious.

I will live and get by if I don't have images of an east-coast low.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to send me a pm if you prefer.



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