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MBY Snowfall Totals

Found 7 results

  1. Signals of an overrunning setup the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Most 12z guidance has uber cold not too far north with rising heights (at least temporarily) in the PNA and AO regions. For illustrative purposes, here is the 12 GEFS that for now are trending in a better direction, but as we've seen, that Pac energy has been overperforming so need a few more days to see what will stick. I'll probably feel ashamed for succumbing to phanton d10 weenie pattern flips
  2. Read dt's thread to weenie out
  3. So I changed my mind again. I booked a room at Henniker Motel in Henniker NH. It’s like a bit west of concord. Leaving shortly wish me luck! Been so bored lately I had to air the chance. Could end up with 6” or if really lucky 16” I have no clue, but I also really love wet snowstorms that hit hard so definitely excited.
  4. Too early for any details but need to watch other storm impacts besides snow, particularly down at the shore.
  5. Wanted to make a new thread just for potential winter storm events outside 5 days. I don't want to clog up the Long range thread that isn't pattern related. So any potential wintry threats outside 5 days go in here.
  6. Wind for one and all, a wind advisory already up. Snow showers (or in my case snirga), mainly north and west of Philly metro?
  7. I know that in marginal temps 38-40F heavier bands of precip can bring cold air down and prevent flakes from melting into rain. I can't help but notice that wind gusts at temperatures in light to moderate precip also affect the type precip. Calm=more likely to be rain/mixed, gusts=mixed or completely snow. Basically the rn/mx/sn line waffles with heavy bands and gusts. Does windchill also affect the type of precipitation? Am I the only one who's made this observation?
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