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The Philly Wx Forum is intended to be a community of professional meteorologists and amateur weather enthusiasts from around Philadelphia. The focus of the board will be on listing current observations and making forecasts for the Philadelphia Metro Area - essentially defined as the Mt. Holly CWA, though we welcome posts from neighboring regions. We recognize that all participants will not have the same background knowledge and questions from new posters are welcome. However, this does not mean wishcasting and badgering for IMBY forecasts will be allowed. This forum will not serve as a chat room or a place to discuss topics unrelated to weather. There are other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for such conversations. Proper "netiquette" and a professional, yet fun atmosphere is encouraged. We look forward to growing the community alongside all of our posters.

***We will not tolerate trolling of meteorologists of any sort. We will have a wide variety of meteorologists on this site, so professional courtesy is warranted. Questioning a forecast is acceptable as long as it is professional manner and doesn't belittle. As we know, the meteorology field is very difficult to be 100% correct all of the time. Forecasts sometimes do go wrong, its the nature of the field. As weather enthusiasts and meteorologists we should understand this variable and learn from it.

Example of trolling:
-What a bust of a forecast
-No way is his/her forecast of those snow amounts going to happen
-What happened to all the warmth predicted

*Examples of professional disagreement
-I don't see how they are forecasting that amount. The soundings from such station do not represent that amount with the bad boundary layer conditions.
-I don't see a warm pattern. From looking at the teleconnections it looks like a -nao will develop, combined with a -ao that doesn't look like a warm signal to me.

*We also ask that you do not post any paid for content on other websites. If an image has made it out on social media already, then it is ok to post.

*This site will act accordingly on a 3 point system.
-If you are warned for the first time, you will have 1pt point on your account for 6 months. After 6 months, unless you get warned again you will lose that point.
-2pts is an automatic 2 week ban from the site. After 2 weeks you will be able to post again.
-3pts, automatic permanent ban.

Warn-able Offenses
-Trolling of others

-Trolling of Meteorologists, (auto 2 pts)

-Continuous Whining and Complaining
-Foul Language
-Releasing personal information of others
-Continuous Weenie posts/IMBY posts
-Continuous dumb posts, example: Posting of the dgex, CRAS, Brazilian, Korean models, 48hr+ Nam in main forums. Banter thread is alright

Ban-able Offenses
-Sexist remarks
-Multiple accounts
-Posting pornography
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