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  1. 3/2 - A windswept trace whitened everything last night.
  2. 2/27 - 1" (morning stat padding prior to the afternoon thaw) Season Total - 65.9"
  3. 2/18-2/19 - 5.25" (ED. 3pm Thursday 2/18 - Friday 2/19 @ 9pm) Season Total - 64.9"
  4. Happy Fasnacht Day. .2 ice accretion up here. Lord knows how much rain we got after temp rose above freezing around 8 this morning. Hi for today 37.
  5. The Winter Weather product criteria are defined here: https://www.weather.gov/phi/WinterWx
  6. What's with the "bridges" across Delaware Bay and Long Island Sound. NWS counts ferries as interstate highways?
  7. Regrettably, I don't know. But I do recall the NWS forecast discussion referencing the NBM in their decision making, of which I believe the Euro is part.
  8. Euro advertised good upward vertical motion here in Mass for yesterday's event and spurred NWS to increase WWA to WSW. Ended up with just about 50% of our projected total. I know dynamics are different with every event, but.... you've been warned.
  9. 7.5 F. Sun splashed, crystal clear blue skies and sparkling snow everywhere.
  10. 2/9 - 3.25" (Something about the rich getting richer.) Season Total - 59.6"
  11. We have an underperformer. WSW downgraded to an WWA @ 1pm. Lots of riming between 1 and 3. A nice burst for the last hour or so. Just shy of 2" from this event so far.
  12. After spotty flurries began at 9, steady snow began at 11. Visibility is slowly decreasing. Sidewalks and trees covered, but just starting to accumulate on dark surfaces (pavement, roofs).
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