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  1. Arctic Sea Ice still below 2012 levels, but the rate of growth is likely to climb in the near future due to the growing strength of the PV.
  2. Out of the local area, I know, but we bottomed out @ 15.4 last night.
  3. Like a moth to a flame and the swallows to San Juan Capistrano, Heisy has returned.
  4. Storm report of 3" in my new hometown. Giggity. https://www.weather.gov/source/crh/snowmap.html?sid=box
  5. We're still on the Cape and don't close at our new home until 11/2. But I marked the approximate location of our new place. I'll take this as a harbinger of good things to come.
  6. Nothing like seeing potential for a trace of snow for Georgetown, DE in the 360 hour window that ENDS 11/6. Nothing to see here.
  7. O/T but relevant. This is a pet peeve of mine because I'm color blind, but it's also just good mapmaking. For all mapmakers, please, please, please use colors that contrast more readily than red and green. You have the whole spectrum of colors from which to choose. However, when you confine your colors to red and green, there are those of us (👋) who see nothing but different shades of the same color. Red/Green colorblindness is the most prevalent type (approx. 8% of men are affected, though it much less common among women, less than 1%). I work in an field where maps are commonly us
  8. 31.6 in Hudson, MA Currently in Hyannis, where we hit 41. Relying on nearby stations until I can set mine up - likely not for a while.
  9. Missed it by that much. Just one day! Congrats WhiteMtn!
  10. Storm total 0.92 After, what, three straight days (?) of southerly flow this morning feels downright refreshing.
  11. Temp 75, Dew 71. September 29. 2020 This all checks out.
  12. Can't remember where I posted this previously, but the PreserveJon clan is moving from Towson, MD to Hudson, Mass. Between leaving here and settling in November, we'll be on Cape Cod. Never been, so we're all looking forward to it.
  13. There's definitely some yellow appearing on the silver maple outside my 'work-from-home' office window. Shame I'll miss the full color. Countdown now at 8 days till the BIG MOVE.
  14. Currently - well, not at this moment - alternating between Angel's Envy and Jefferson Reserve for my Old Fashioneds. I highly recommend both. The cheaper Jefferson's Very Small Batch is also excellent. Can be had for around $30/bottle, which is criminally affordable for such a tasty beverage.
  15. Figures. The big move from MD to MA is slated for that weekend. Cold, wind driven rain sounds about right.
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